The body has a natural healing process. In these days of toxic food, water and air, our bodies need help to be well or return to normal function. InterX Technology is a specific high energy non-invasive interactive neurostimulation (NIN) that is FDA cleared for post-surgical, acute injury and severe chronic pain. Proper use of this technology, applied to the cutaneous nerves, will not only help reduce or abolish pain but the body will use the energy also to help restore the dysfunction resulting from the pain.

NOTE:  Treatment information and videos are not intended to substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice before treatment if you are in doubt of safely treating someone prior to seeking medical assistance.  InterX Therapy Training Center and InterX Technologies are not responsible for any consequences that may occur as a result of your treatment of a person or animal. The information on these videos and this website is for guidance, please use sound judgement with treatment.


Acute Injury:  In general: for acute treatment – immediately following an injury up to the first 24 hours – you use 360 hz or 480 hz for the first time of scan –  target – dynamic. (See acute video). If treating a child use 60 hz. On consecutive treatments you will start to lower the frequency.

Chronic:  If the first treatment is 3 or more days after the injury – start with 60 hz. If no results after the first treatment then increase the frequency sequentially. The body starts to make changes after 24 hours from an injury. Practice will help you learn how to choose your settings for scan – target- dynamic with chronic patients.

Sensitive people or those with an underlying condition: Start with 15 hz and start on the opposite side or mirror image and work up to the spine root. For example: right knee strain – start on the left knee and work up to the lumbar spine. At the end of the treatment treat briefly on the involved part if tolerated and with movement if able.

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