Zulia Frost, MDCo-Founder/Advisor

    Zulia Frost, M.D. graduated as a Doctor of General Medicine and Pediatrics from the State Medical Institute, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Following her internship at a children’s hospital, Frost worked in a specialist Emergency Aid hospital before completing post-graduate training in ultrasonic diagnostics and radiology.

    After practicing medicine for 10 years, Frost relocated to the UK. In 1999, whilst living in the UK, she discovered a new type of neurostimulation technology that was developed in Russia and later became known as Interactive Neurostimulation technology. Impressed by the results she achieved with patients, Frost began researching this advanced technology and has since become recognized as the leading clinician and trainer.

    Frost’s pioneering work in the field of Interactive Neurostimulation therapy led to her joining the team at NRG to realize the vision of this advanced technology becoming a standard of care in medicine throughout the world.