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InterX 1000: Personal & Easy to Use

The InterX 1000 for personal use is a smaller design, easy to use device for on the go or at home treatment for pain and injuries. The InterX 1000 device provides the same patented interactive neurostimulation as the professional device with the same relief in pain and symptoms from acute or chronic conditions. This smaller version of InterX technology makes it lighter to travel with and easier to use. The InterX accessories attach to the end of the device expanding treatment applications and the flex array pads provide extended time of treatment hands free or with movement.

InterX products are 510(k) cleared by the US FDA as a pain management device and also carries the European CE Mark. InterX products have been safely and effectively used for treating thousands of people throughout the world.

InterX 1000 provides a non-drug alternative treatment for relief of pain. Designed for ease of use at any age; provides 5 preset frequencies from low frequencies (pulses per second) to high frequencies; the intensity increases in very small increments for comfort ; battery operated; can be taken anywhere; more than 10 years of proven effectiveness to treat all types of pain safely.

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A prescription is required to purchase an InterX 1000 device if you are not a licensed medical practitioner.  Prescriptions can be written by a Medical Doctor (MD or DO), Physician Assistant, Dentist, Psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, or Chiropractor (check your state board). Prescription must be provided before purchase can be completed.

Download: InterX Device Prescription

For pricing and purchasing of a 1000 device and accessory electrodes please email or call 972.807.2808.

Benefits of Owning a 1000 Device


The most incredible results of treatment occur when the InterX is applied immediately after an injury of any type – muscular, joint, bone, cuts, insect/spider bites, burns, etc; anything that causes pain. If used within the first few hours of trauma – the pain can be alleviated and the healing process begins due to the chemicals released with InterX treatment. Even if treatment is started within the first 48 hours the speed of recovery is exponentially faster as seen in clinical and personal results. Treating yourself immediately with your own device will give you or your family relief that is well worth the purchase.

Whether pain is from arthritis, joint or spine aches and pains, old injuries, unhealed surgeries, auto immune conditions, or neuropathic (nerve pain) conditions; treating with the InterX 1000 can help keep pain away or keep pain under control when conditions flare from stress, illness, or re-injury.
Once your pain is gone or under control, monthly maintenance use will help keep the pain away. Self treatment can reduce or eliminate the need for medications for pain.

When treating auto immune or neuropathic pain it is recommended that self treatment be carried out under the guidance of an InterX practitioner or you can consult with the InterX Therapy Center staff.

What Others Say About Us

  • “I had a very rapid recovery and returned to the sport well ahead of target," Enda said. Being able to return to training so much sooner than expected meant Enda was able to play in the championship game after all. ”

    ENDA MCGINLEY Gaelic football Player
  • “Kathy received her first InterX® treatment in June 2005, and began to receive relief after only three 15-minute treatments. She was back playing tennis soon after. Kathy has seen a major improvement since she began using the device and can now play her favorite sport without suffering.”

    KATHY FRITZ professional tennis player
  • “Carol tried physical therapy and medications, including Vicodin, Hydrocodone and high doses of Tylenol. Her pain continued to progress, but she was uncomfortable taking strong medications as they made her feel confused. She was running out of options, until her Occupational Therapist discovered the InterX® and recommended that Carol give the technology a try.”

    CAROL CLICK Active housewife

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke, 1962

“Witchcraft to the ignorant…. Simple science to the learned”
Leigh Brackett, 1942

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