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Can I use InterX with other modalities

Yes, the InterX integrates very well into other treatment protocols. It is best to use InterX first so that other treatments do not affect skin impedance before you scan the treatment area.

How soon will I see results?
Though patients typically see good results immediately, some chronic conditions may require 6 treatments or more before changes are noted. One post surgical clinical trial showed a reduction in average pain from 9/10 to 4/10 in the first treatment.
What training do I need?
InterX is very easy to use, and basic use training comes with the device.
What are the accessories used for?
The InterX is very effective without the need for any accessories but the other electrodes do expand your treatment options significantly. The flexible arrays allow for unattended use and make it easier to exercise during the treatment. The small classic and small soft-tissue electrodes are excellent for treating boney areas or smaller body parts like the hands, fingers and toes. The comb electrode can be used on parts of the body where hair may stop the main electrode contacting the skin. The dome electrode fits ergonomically into your hand allowing you to treat without having to hold the main device. The soft-tissue electrode is very popular and unique to this technology as it allows you to do myofascial release, massage or trigger point treatment while applying stimulation. This makes the treatment more effective and takes the strain off your hands and fingers during manual therapy.
Why is InterX so effective?
Specificity of the Stimulation (Scan)
InterX identifies and treats very specific areas of low impedance. These are areas of skin where nerve endings are displaying a response to injury or pain.. So the stimulation is delivered exactly where the body needs it. This is not always where the pain is so it is a great benefit to be able to scan the area with the InterX to identify these points.

The high density current (Target)
The high amplitude, short pulse width, dynamic waveform elicits a greater response from the body than other electrical stimulation. The InterX has closely spaced electrodes which means the current is very high density and very specific and not restricted by muscle contraction. It is believed that this stimulates a neuropeptide/cytokine cascade which is believed to create a longer lasting effect. Central nervous system responses are often observed too.

The Interactive Waveform
The parameters of each individual pulse are controlled by the electrophysiology of the tissue. The waveform changes constantly as the body responds to the stimulation and pain relief. This stops the body accommodating to the stimulation making it more effective. It also means that there is no need to use messy conductive gels.

What is the mechanism of action?
There are two generally accepted theories for the mechanism of action of electrical stimulation devices; The “Gate Control Theory” and the “Stimulation of the release of endogenous opioids”. The exact mechanism of InterX is not yet fully understood and there appear to be a number of mechanisms at work based on the applications used and clinical outcomes that are observed. The amplitude of the stimulation is sufficient to cause endogenous opioid release and this may explain the immediacy of results experienced with InterX. Often pain relief lasts long after the treatment is over which hints at a neuropeptide/cytokine cascade effect and a CNS response. Clinical trials have shown reduction of inflammation and improved tissue formation with InterX stimulation which is also supported with anecdotal evidence.
How much does InterX cost and will my insurance cover it?
Treatment is eligible for reimbursement through individual clinics and practitioners, but the device is not covered under most insurances.
Is the device masking pain?
The InterX does not mask pain. If that were the case pain would return soon after the treatment ended. InterX is committed to clinical trials to research the sustained relief as well as reduction of inflammation that is observed following InterX therapy.
What should I expect from treatment?

InterX® therapy will be delivered by a trained practitioner, often in a clinical or sports setting. Typical treatments last from 15 – 30 minutes and the procedure will involve applying the hand-held device or its remote probes directly to the skin. Treatment will be on the skin of the involved area, and often non-involved areas on the opposite side of the body or the back.

The device may be held stationary or moved along the skin in sweeping motions, depending on the chosen mode of treatment. The sensation the patient may feel a tickling or vibrating sensation, or it may feel like a prickling or fine “needling” sensation. Some people are more sensitive than others to neurostimulation. The way your body responds to the treatment may not be the same as the next person. There is the potential that people who are very sensitive to neurostimulation may temporarily experience discomfort or light-headedness.

The number of treatments needed will depend upon the severity of your condition and how long you have had the problem. Quite often patients feel relief after 1 – 3 treatments but complex long standing conditions may require more effort.

The InterX® products can be applied independently as a full treatment or concurrently with existing therapy (physical or occupational) activities to meet and enhance therapy goals. The number of visits and duration of treatment is highly dependent upon the complexity of the patient’s medical history and condition, and whether the InterX® product is used independently or as a concurrent treatment. Case examples:
Acute minor ankle sprain may only require one 15-minute session for a healthy individual when InterX® therapy is applied as a concurrent treatment to active therapy.
Chronic low back pain and a complicated medical history may experience a 30-minute treatment and require 3-4 treatments per week for 2-3 weeks.
Post-operative ACL repair may experience a 15-minute InterX® treatment multiple times before each physical therapy session.
Once therapy has begun, it is important to complete the full, recommended treatment course in order to experience optimum relief from symptoms. Neurostimulation activates a physical response, which may increase the sensation of pain for a few hours. Adherence to the full course of treatment will minimize symptoms that a patient may experience during the natural healing process.

Is there a warranty on the device?
Yes, there is a one year warranty on all InterX devices and electrodes.
Who can benefit from InterX treatment?

InterX® therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment that can be used on acute injuries, acute and chronic pain conditions, post-surgical pain & recovery, and as deemed necessary by your medical professional.  InterX products are widely used by military, professional sports teams, colleges & university sports teams, high school athletics, pre- and post-surgical patients, chronic pain warriors, medical practitioners, rehabilitation clinics, dentists, and those with neuropathic pain, trigeminal nerve pain or any pain. Call us with any questions regarding our devices and pain elimination and/or management.

Is the device safe, are there any known side-effects and/or contraindications?
InterX® therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment that can be used on patients of all ages. Patients should consult their physician regarding the InterX® treatment approach that is best for an individual medical condition.
To InterX’s knowledge, there have been no reported cases of severe injury due to the use of the InterX® products. However, caution should be taken when using neurostimulation devices as they may interfere with other electrical medical products.
How does InterX therapy compare to other neurostimulation devices?

There are four main areas where InterX is different and it requires an awareness of all of them and how they interrelate to really understand why this powerful technology can be so effective. The interactive nature of the stimulation allows for a unique, evidence-based application that optimizes treatment parameters and thus achieves consistently good results across a broad range of conditions.1,2,3

  • The Technology
  • The Application
  • Optimization of Parameters
  • The Results

Technology: The InterX delivers an interactive, damped, bi-phasic, sinusoidal waveform through fixed stainless steel electrodes. The interactivity of the waveform ensures that the device adjusts its’ output in response to changes in skin resistance/impedance. This means the InterX can and is applied without the need for any conductive gel and the stimulation is delivered through small, closely spaced electrodes without any risk of damage to the skin or discomfort to the patient. This advancement in technology has significant impact on the way neurostimulation can be delivered and subsequently the results that can be achieved.

Application: As the InterX is impedance sensitive, it can be applied directly to the skin and moved around over the skin without conductive gels. This allows the user to be able to assess the impedance of the skin to identify and target optimal treatment points. This has led to the development of the three step protocol of almost every InterX treatment: Scan, Target, Dynamic.

  1. Scan: Identify optimal treatment points
  2. Target: Deliver focused, high amplitude stimulation
  3. Dynamic: Perform therapeutic exercise while treating points of pain

Optimization of Parameters: Research has shown that optimization of various treatment parameters can significantly increase the effectiveness of neurostimulation across a broad range of conditions. Missing any one of these factors could significantly reduce or even nullify any clinical benefit from treatment. This is why previous neurostimulation research has had mixed results and real-life clinical applications often leave therapists very disappointed. Correct application of the InterX optimizes all of these parameters and offers therapists a way to scientifically apply neurostimulation with evidence-based protocols and achieve excellent results.

Results: InterX has been clinically proven to be effective on very complex chronic conditions that had not responded to any other treatment as well acute post-surgical orthopedic pain which has proven very difficult to treat with neurostimulation in the past. While the protocols for each of these applications may be very different, the technology allows for the treatment to be customized for every patient and their condition to ensure optimal results. Many patients are amazed by the results of their InterX treatment and many learned and experienced therapists believe InterX is the most effective and consistent modality they have ever used and they benefit from the fact that there is scientific and clinical evidence to support its’ application.

What is InterX’s commitment to quality and safety?

InterX’s management has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and is committed to providing service and products that improve the quality of life for patients and athletes receiving treatment with its products.

Available upon request are numerous resources and references regarding the use and study of InterX® therapy.

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Do I have to hold the device through the whole treatment?

No, the Flexible Array electrode allows for unattended treatment. We recommend scanning the area first with the main device, then targeting the area with the flexible array during which time you can direct the patient to perform exercises or you can continue the treatment unattended.

What is InterX?

InterX is an advanced form of Neurostimulation that integrates into existing treatment programs to enable enhanced results with both acute and chronic conditions. InterX is FDA cleared for acute and chronic pain relief and pain management.

What is InterX used for?

The InterX products are effective for:

  • Acute and chronic pain relief and the resulting increase in range of motion
  • Neuropathic and nociceptive pain
  • Reducing rehabilitation times from sports injuries and other acute trauma
  • Muscle relaxation, reducing muscle cramps and spasms
  • Enhancing neuromuscular re-education
What does an InterX treatment involve?

Scan – The treatment area is scanned using the InterX device to identify specific areas of low impedance. These are optimal treatment points for InterX stimulation. The scanning can be done either by sliding the device over the skin or by placing the device and taking numerical measurements.

Target – These areas of low impedance are then targeted with very specific stimulation. The interactive stimulation adjusts constantly in response to changes in the electrophysiology of the tissue. This specific, dynamic stimulation is unique to this technology.

Dynamic – If appropriate, the patient is moved through a series of positions, stretches or exercises while stimulation is applied to points of pain. The portability and ease of application make this a very quick and effective application where neuromuscular and proprioceptive re-education can be combined with interactive neuro-stimulation for enhanced results.

How long is an InterX treatment?

The time needed for treatment can vary but averages approx. 15 minutes. Very short treatments can be used on the sidelines of a sports game taking only a few minutes. When treating more difficult chronic conditions, the session may last up to 30 minutes as there is a larger area of the body to scan when incorporating neurologically related areas.