InterX Therapy

InterX Success Story - Wes Stevenson

A professional bareback rider since 1999, Wes Stevenson has been ranked among the world's best. In addition to having won countless bareback rodeo events and championship titles throughout his professional career, Wes broke The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association's (PRCA) world record for the highest-scored bareback ride in 2002 with a 94-point ride. After missing the 2003 professional season due to injury, Wes came back to rank among the top in his sport with numerous wins in 2004 and 2005.

In June 2005, a bucking horse fell on Wes in the rodeo arena, pulling ligaments in his riding hand and wrist, and fracturing two of his ribs. Unable to continue riding, Wes had to gain the strength back in his riding hand and manage his other pain so he could compete in his upcoming competitions.

Previous Therapies
Wes is all too familiar with injuries and has a pain threshold higher than average. He generally does not take pain medicine and typically uses ice/heat treatments and sports therapy for his injuries, which take time and often do not provide continued relief. Wes said candidly that he does not get paid to sit at home, so he needed the quickest way to get back to competing. Wes' father-in-law knew of NRG's InterX®, so he made an appointment for Wes. Respecting his father-in-law's opinion as a former athlete, Wes opted to try the InterX®. "In my line of business you always hear about the next miracle, so I admit I was skeptical going to my first appointment," Wes said. "I knew after one treatment that the InterX® was different."

Treatment and Results
After a week of unrelenting pain, Wes received his first InterX® treatment for his hand, which was swollen, stiff, and unable to make a fist - something essential for a bareback rider. Amazed that he could almost close his hand after only one 30-minute treatment, Wes arranged an appointment for his InterX® therapist to treat his fractured ribs and chronic back pain. Wes did not think there was anything that could be done for fractured ribs, but after a 30-minute treatment he was able to take a deep breath without the pain that had literally kept him awake at night. Wes had a total of four treatments during the course of five days - two on his hand and wrist, one on his ribs and one for his chronic back pain. "My doctors said that there was no way I'd even be able to close my hand for three to four weeks," Wes said. "But after my second 15-minute treatment, I was able to close it, my strength was back, and I was in the arena competing after only 12 days."

Wes was able to return to competition two weeks early, enabling him to compete in two major rodeos, the Summer Tour Finale and the Texas Stampede. Wes' success at these events enabled him to qualify for his third National Finals Rodeo, a 10-day competition where the world's top 15 bareback riders compete against the world's best stock to be the next "World Champion Bareback Rider."

Wes' wife, Francie, received training from NRG and now keeps an InterX® with her when Wes is on the rodeo circuit. She treats Wes' various bumps and bruises immediately following every bareback competition to keep swelling down and speed up the rehabilitation process. Competing 140 times a year, Wes' use of the InterX® is an indispensable part of his injury management regimen.

Fully recovered, Wes added, "The way it works is mind-boggling, but it certainly does."