InterX Therapy

InterX Success Story - Pamela Graham

pss_photo_pamelaPamela Graham was an avid golfer and runner for years until an acute injury in her left foot made it impossible for her to continue practicing such an intense physical fitness routine. In 2004, she was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and other complications in her foot, causing severe pain that also led to lower back problems.

Previous Therapies
As a former nurse and wife of an orthopedic surgeon, Pamela had access to a very high level of care. For nearly a year, she tried a variety of treatments to ease her pain including anti-inflammatories, stretches, non-impact exercise and a special boot to position the tendon. The weight bearing on the left foot made even the most basic activities extremely difficult. Pamela could barely walk from room to room, much less make a trip to her mailbox. She went from running an average of 20 miles a week and playing golf several times per week to a limited schedule of non-impact exercise.

According to Pamela, "restriction of my physical fitness routine was one of the hardest things to accept." Pamela's love for golf and her dedication to her physical health were interrupted by an annoying and painful injury. She tried changing her fitness routine by replacing running with weight lifting and adjusting her yoga and Pilates routines, but the seven months of limping eventually began to weaken her abdominal and back muscles. Pamela continued to look for relief from the pain and heard of the InterX® from her friend, Bernard Srubar, M.D.

Treatment and Results
Pamela wants to share her experience with others. "I was somewhat skeptical of the InterX® at first, however, with such impressive improvement after the first treatment, that skepticism abated quickly." Based on the findings of her therapist, Pamela underwent a series of three treatments over a two-week span. She has been pain free since March 2005, and the condition has not reoccurred. Pamela has not required ongoing treatment or therapy and has enjoyed returning to her normal life. "Walking without pain and returning to a natural gait has lifted my spirits, and once again, I can look forward to a great day!"