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InterX Success Story - Enda McGinley

pss_photo_endaEnda McGinley plays Gaelic football for County Tyrone and is one of Ireland's most versatile senior players. Having represented Tyrone at every level, Enda has become a respected and solid team member; however, his commitment has also led to a number of painful injuries during his career. Gaelic football can be described as a combination of soccer and rugby, although it predates both of those games. It is a physically demanding game, so injuries are all too common. Players represent their counties and Enda is one of Tyrone's best.

During his team's All-Ireland Semi-Finals win in early September 2005, Enda was injured in a clash with a fellow player and suffered a very large contusion on his hip flexors, causing a large hematoma, which also encompassed his groin area and femoral triangle, to just above his knee. Enda's injury threatened to sideline him for at least three weeks, which would have caused him to miss the season's climax, the All-Ireland Final.

Previous Therapies
Enda had previously tried ultrasound, oxygen therapy and soft tissue massages, all with little pain relief. Tyrone's team physiotherapist, Louis O'Connor, called NRG's distributor in Ireland to see if they could help. When first told about the InterX®, Enda was intrigued. "I was very interested in trying the new therapy and hopeful for positive, fast results," he said.

Treatment and Results
During September 2005, Enda had two 30-minute InterX® treatments per day for four days, took a four-day break, then had further treatment with Louis O'Connor prior to the All-Ireland Final, which included two 30-minute treatments per day for four more days. With the help of the InterX®, Enda was off crutches in only three days and returned to training within 10 days, versus the expected three-week recovery.

"I had a very rapid recovery and returned to the sport well ahead of target," Enda said. Being able to return to training so much sooner than expected meant Enda was able to play in the championship game after all.

Playing most of the All-Ireland Final game in September 2005, Enda was a prominent driving force in his team's championship win. In addition to helping lead his team to its second All-Ireland Championship in three years, Enda's game performance as a forward earned him a well-deserved All-Star nomination.

After 16 InterX® treatments, Enda no longer needed ongoing treatment and the injury has not reoccurred. "The InterX® has given me a new option for injury management," Enda said.