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InterX Success Story - Dale Rasmussen

pss_photo_rasmussenDale Rasmussen plays professional rugby for the Worcester Warriors, one of the leading Premiership clubs in England. This Samoan centre, who started playing rugby at the age of 10, went on to represent his country nine times. After having seen Dale play in the 2003 World Cup, Worcester signed him in 2004.

In October 2005, during a Premiership match against Northampton, Dale suffered a Grade III proximal MCL tear when tackled by an opposing player. An MRI scan determined that Dale was likely to need surgical reattachment for his knee injury, with an estimated 12 weeks of post-surgery rehabilitation. With limited range of movement, Dale found it very difficult to walk without a knee brace, was not able to resume training or perform any kind of exercise involving his knee, and definitely could not play rugby.

Previous Therapies
Worcester's team physiotherapists purchased their first InterX® device in September 2005, and InterX® therapy was given as a regular treatment that had already benefited many of the team members. Encouraged by the results on a variety of injuries, the physiotherapists suggested that Dale incorporate the InterX® with massage, mobilization, ice and compression therapies immediately. "I was a little skeptical," Dale said, "but this was by far my worst injury, and I wanted to maximize my chances for a speedy recovery."

Treatment and Results
Dale began InterX® treatments the day after he was injured in October 2005, and after one week of daily treatments, Dale returned to the clinic, where the MRI scan one week prior had determined that he was likely to require surgery. During this follow-up consultation, it was decided that surgery was no longer needed, due to the rate of recovery using the InterX®.

Dale continued to perform self treatment daily under the guidance of the physiotherapists. Four weeks later, he was able to do some exercises and during the fifth week he was sprinting. In early November, just seven weeks after being injured, Dale played a full 80 minutes in a Premiership match versus Bristol - and his performance merited the Man of the Match award. "I was quite surprised that my knee was as strong as it was," Dale said, "In retrospect, I probably could've played the week prior had I known it would be that strong."

"Dale's rehabilitation was quite impressive," Worcester Warriors head physiotherapist, Clare Woodward, MCSP, SRP said. "He was determined to get back on the playing field, and I think that the InterX® helped quite a lot. We initially thought complete rehabilitation might take three months, but it only took seven weeks."

Without any adverse reaction, Dale's InterX® treatments reduced the pain he experienced during exercise and rehabilitation, restored his full range of motion and prevented him from having to undergo surgery. His full recovery from injury took half the expected time and, most significantly, the injury did not re-occur.

"The most significant result was a reduction in my rehabilitation time, which allowed me to play a full game without pain or pain medication," Dale said. "The InterX® treatment far exceeded my expectations and has allowed me to get back to what I love - playing rugby - I am absolutely thrilled with my results."