InterX Therapy

InterX Success Story - Carol Click

Carol Click was an active housewife and great-grandmother who enjoyed keeping up the home and playing with her great-grandchildren. In August 2004, she injured her right arm while assisting her husband who had recently suffered a stroke. She experienced excruciating pain, and received severe bruising to her shoulder, arm and breast. Carol was unable to immediately treat her injury because of her husband's condition. She eventually received treatment in January 2005 when she was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff.

Despite an operation to repair the torn rotator cuff, Carol's pain remained so intense that she had to quit driving, cooking and cleaning. She became more and more frustrated with the injury because it limited her from doing any activity that involved lifting her arm. She had difficulty with little things like getting dressed and even combing her hair, and missed activities with her great-grandchildren. Carol began to feel like each day was more difficult than the last as the pain increased.

Previous Therapies
Carol tried physical therapy and medications, including Vicodin, Hydrocodone and high doses of Tylenol. Her pain continued to progress, but she was uncomfortable taking strong medications as they made her feel confused. She was running out of options, until her Occupational Therapist discovered the InterX® and recommended that Carol give the technology a try.

Treatment and Results
Carol was doubtful she'd receive positive results with the InterX®, but remained hopeful. She knew she had nothing to loose. Carol's therapist administered eight treatments over a five-week period. "After the first treatment I could immediately tell a difference and knew the InterX® would work for me," Carol said. Carol stopped taking prescription pain medication. She experienced immediate relief from the InterX® and, within a few weeks, was able to get her life back to normal.

"I feel so much better and I'm sleeping great now," Carol said. "The InterX® relieved the pain and I felt energized following the treatment. I really feel terrific. I am able to function normally, doing housework and, more importantly, playing with my great-grandchildren again!"