InterX Therapy

InterX Success Story - Alan

pss_photo_alan_mockTwenty-five years ago, Alan experienced multiple injuries to his right knee, causing a level of discomfort which grew exponentially over the years. He endured several subsequent surgeries and was eventually diagnosed with chronic osteoarthritis due to bone-on-bone contact, which severely wore down his knee joint.

Alan, an active husband and father of three, enjoyed outdoor activities such as fly fishing and gardening. However, his condition made keeping up with the activity level of his three young children and doing the things he loved more and more difficult. When Alan first heard about the InterX®, he was intrigued but very skeptical after having experienced minimal improvements to his knee's condition after several other types of treatments.

Previous Therapies
Nine years ago, Alan underwent a major knee surgery to slow down the deterioration of his right knee joint. Three years later, knee replacement surgery was recommended because the pain and swelling had become severe. Around the same time, Alan began using a new Cox-II anti-inflammatory drug, which worked very well and allowed him to return to a relatively normal lifestyle without significant pain and swelling. If Alan stopped taking the drug, however, the pain in his knee would return within a few days, and within a week he would have trouble walking and be in constant pain.

According to Alan, "I didn't like the idea of being dependent on a drug for the rest of my life, especially a drug that increased my risk of heart disease and stroke. However, every time I tried to reduce my use of the drug because of these concerns, the pain would return, many times worse than it had been previously." Alan continued in this similar pattern of pain until he heard about NRG's treatment options through colleagues and decided to give it a shot.

Treatment and Results
Alan decided to really put the InterX® to the test. He stopped taking his Cox-II anti-inflammatory and began 30-minute treatments each day for a week. After five days, the treatments began to show results and within a week the pain went away. "I was fully expecting to experience pain after having stopped taking the medication," Alan said. "I didn't think the treatment would begin working so quickly. Now I am experiencing true pain relief and a return to everyday functionality and the activities I enjoy without worrying about the harmful side effects of taking such a potent drug."