InterX Therapy

InterX Success Story - Dr. Adams

T.E. Adams, M.D., developed a chronic case of osteoarthritis in his back, shoulder and neck. As a medical doctor for 42 years, he was educated on the most advanced treatments and therapies for pain, but had no success with traditional treatments. Dr. Adams tried fighting through the pain and continued his weekly activities of golf and fishing. This only caused him to suffer greatly in the evenings following his activity.

Previous Therapies
With his own patients, Dr. Adams had always relied on the traditional treatments for pain. However, it was not until he experienced pain himself that he understood how few options exist for the treatment of pain. For five years, Dr. Adams tried steroids, local anesthetic injections and anti-inflammatories. He visited pain specialists who would administer a series of injections - relieving the pain for just a couple of days. As his level of pain increased, the range of motion in his right scapular and shoulder area continued to decrease. Dr. Adams remained active, but the duration of his activities was limited. He desperately wanted to find a solution.

That solution came when he ran into a friend who told him about the InterX®, and how the device was the only thing that provided relief from a foot injury. She expressed her confidence in the product, encouraging Dr. Adams to give it a try.

Treatment and Results
Dr. Adams saw immediate results from treatments with InterX®. "It was somewhat of a shock to receive so much relief in such a short amount of time," he said. Dr. Adams received only two treatments within one week of each other, and has seen a dramatic difference in his range of motion and the duration of his activities. Today, he is able to treat his chronic osteoarthritis with a significantly lower dosage of anti-inflammatories.

Dr. Adams was so impressed with the device, he recommended it for his own wife who has also had remarkable results. He now owns an InterX® and is sampling the product on different types of pain. "The immediacy of results with the InterX® is unbelievable. I've had tremendous improvement, allowing me to advance my golf game considerably in just one month!"