InterX Therapy

The InterX Professional Sport

The InterX® Professional Sport is a new product by NRG designed specifically for sports medicine professionals. Interactive technology is combined with a new user interface providing immediate access to preset stimulation patterns for a range of sports and related injuries.

The injury curve is represented with a new graphical display. Each stage of injury from onset to recovery has an optimal treatment setting, with a short list of further stimulation patterns that are relevant to that stage of injury.

The New InterX® Professional Sport with its unique interactive stimulation provides highly effective, non-invasive, non-drug pain relief with simple treatment applications.

Fully portable and battery operated, the InterX® Sport is the perfect solution to effective and simple pain and injury management for sports medicine professionals everywhere.
Available Accessory Electrodes

Flexible Arrray ™

Dual Flex Array ™

The Dome

The Comb

Soft Tissue

The Classic

Small Soft Tissue